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 I suppose I could go on and on about Virtuallemonade this and lemonade  that , but, that would just make this website boring!.

 So lets spice things up a bit.!

 First if you like to Play Games go to the:


 But If games are not your cup of Tea how about looking for ways to Earn some Extra:

  Money! $$$

 I suppose the Old Classic way for folks to make money is to Know How To Make A Lemonade Stand.


  That's one way to make money and you can find Lemonade Recipies at our other website.

  Now for other ways to make money! How about online! 

 Online is a great place to make money, If you have a Nich, or a particular product you wish to Sell.. Lets Take Lemonade for example: So I want to sell lemonade using Internet Marketing Techniques. How would I go about doing it. I guess I would tell my friends about It. Perhaps write a Blog about it.Start an email campaighn. Perhaps buy a program like the Secret Affiliate , Code  or the Click Bank Code that could teach me how to market it. Perhaps make a website about it. I would have to get all of the Proper Tools For Internet Marketing. Perhaps even make a Video.

 Whatever the case I would try to create a  Buzz. In fact That's  Exactly what I am gong to do in my race to the top.

 I think I will give this race a Title:!.

 How about:

 "Virtuallemonade,Lemonade,Internet Marketing,The Race To TheTop!

 Follow me on my Blog To see some of the things That I am doing in my Quest to be at the Top.



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Virtuallemonade VS Lemonade, which one is a better Subject to talk about on the Internet.

 As I type either word in the Google Searh Engine, I get these Astronomical numbers.Virtuallemonade has roughly 41,500 websites listed. Lemonade has over 9,100,000 websites,and thats' just on Google. I dont know about you, but that's an  awfull lot of lemonade!.

  So what do, I need to do to get my website name to the top?

  Ok!, I want all you people out there

with websites about Virtualllemonade and Lemonade Take Notice!

"Here I come!".

 "The Race is on!. That"s Right Ladies,and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys," It's on Now". The Race for the top that is.

 So If I were to do some Internet Marketing, I guess I would try to market the Virtuallemonade First.Why? you ask,it,s  because there is less competition, There are alot of Cool virtuallemonade products out there.Like the Lemonade Stand Game.This is located in the Virtuallemonade Fun Zone on this website This seems to be a big hit in the viruallemonade world. If you would like.you can  also download the Lemonade Tycoon Game. For Even More Virtullemonade games in our Virtuallemonade Fun Zone.

 I suppose I could tell all of you visitors, who are visiting my website about Lemonade The Movie! Perhaps I will just show you.


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